Begin at the Beginning

Hi there to all those out there that I hope will become my readers. I have decided, at my good ole age, to write up a Travel Blog. Not the ordinary kind that takes you all over the world, to the exotic, to the adventurous places that are out there. Mine will be just plain ordinary like me. I will take you with me as I find the small local places, the open spaces on the roads, the little quaint foodie places. Why, you wonder, well for starters I do not have the funds or backing to travel the world (even though I would love to) and I think that step one is to first explore your own country and find out all the little gems. Not the normal tourist spots but the small unknown places.  Maybe, one day, I will be able to branch out and take you with me as I go beyond the great blue ocean that surrounds this continent called Africa. Maybe, one day, you all can fly with me as I venture out beyond the sky borders of South Africa. But till then, let us go see what we have here in the way of local cuisine and local talents.

Why am I also different form the normal blogs…. well, they are all young and active folk that do all that they can do with a backpack and not a care in the world. Who am I? I am a 50 something lady of nutty descent, who is also hitting her peri menopausal years and am proud to now be called a Granny. Hence the name of the blog….. Granny on the Move!  So come and laugh with me as I explore the world I live in through the eyes of me, the awesome Granny! I am a mother of 3 very handsome, self-sufficient sons. One married (with a baby boy of his own), one engaged and the baby of the lot is just as wanderlust as his mother. So now I find myself at odds with what to do with myself. I have raised them and let them fly and now I have all the time (that God is giving me) to spare. Work is out of the question as who nowadays employs the over 50s and I have so much that I want to do and experience before these bones are to ancient and brittle to allow it and the mind goes to,  so here we go with the new venture.

Wish me well on this new venture as I go forth to see what is out there. To boldly go where no Granny has gone before.


As good ole Buzz Lightyear said…..”To infinity and beyond.”


2 thoughts on “Begin at the Beginning

  1. Omg I’d just like to say that ur travel plans are goals. I am currently 15 so right now I have studies to focus on. But my heart is filled with wanderlust and I wish to explore all the places I can when my time comes and I myself will start with my own Nation and then go beyond IA

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