Fantasy land of Sun City

Tucked away in the North West Province of South Africa is a delightful wonderland called Sun City. It is a place for the saints and the sinners of the world. It is a mystical land created in the tropics for adults and children alike. Filled with the wonders of sun, water and imagination. A perfect place for a day visit or for the more longer visits. They have the luxuries for the rich and the ordinary for the not so rich but all share in the magic and wonder of living in a place filled with peace and harmony.

I went there as a day visitor about 2 years ago and was only able to see the Valley of the Waves and the Casino side of the resort. Okay I snuck into the family hotel side to sneak a peek and sneak some shots for myself. The luxury is like silk, cool and inviting. The grounds surrounding the little hotel was breathtaking.img-20141207-00268

The hideaway walk ways were stunning and mysterious. The whole atmosphere created was one of being alone in a forest. The water features along the walkways were beautiful and so peaceful.img-20141207-00269

Then I went to through to the Casino and was blown away with all the sounds of the gambling machines cha-chinging away. People sitting like robots in front of the slot machines…. money in, push button, watch spinning wheels and wait for a possible win…. then repeat…..and repeat…. I am sorry but gambling is not for me…. I can understand how additive it can be. Just one more coin, just one more round and maybe, just maybe I will win…. Nope I prefer the glorious sun outside…


Off to the Valley of the Waves time. First you have to walk across what i fondly call the Elephant walk…. as you enter the “bridge” it starts to tremble and rumble so you either give a laugh and carry on or a screech and charge forward. The elephant statues along the bridge walkway are stunning. Large and glorious and proud. Then you veer off towards the entrance to the water time. The sounds of laughter and rushing water filters up to you as you head on down.



The vast expanse of homemade beach is amazing. The water slides are high and filled with folk either heading up to the top and folk zipping down the slides at high-speed. They have water parks for the little ones and gentle tube floating lakes for the lazy ones. The machine generated waves rush out every 3 minutes or so. It truly is a glorious man-made site to behold.

But beware….. if you do not wear a hat and sunscreen you will seriously suffer the next day. The air is thick and humid there and the sun beats down with no mercy. But fun is the name of the day over there. I really had a blast and would very much love to go back again soon.




2 thoughts on “Fantasy land of Sun City

  1. What a great post!! Really like it! well done 🙂
    It would be nice if you check out my blog and give me feedback! I will so much appreciate it! Thanks in advance and see you there 🙂


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