A Place called Broodblik en Koffiepit

On the R51 on Pretoria Road, Petit Benoni (Gauteng) there is a quaint place called Broodblik en Koffiepit (Breadbox and Coffee Bean) or as I fondly call it “Blikkiesbos” (tin bush). It has the look of a small farmhouse surrounded by trees and shrubs andshrieks that you are back at Granny’s House.  The ‘Welcome’ signs are painted on the pillars in front of the entrance. The lady selling pancakes at the entrance outside gives you a warm smile as you head inside. On entering your senses are immediately assaulted with the yeasty scent of warm, freshly baked bread. The homemade jams, homemade biscuits and rusks as well as the bric a brac fill the immediate entrance. Walking through to the back of the little place you suddenly find yourself in a place of wonder. Small, intimate nooks lead of the main roughly hewed pathways. Each nook is surrounded by trees and shrubs and in the centre are the table and chairs.

I ordered the French Toast with Bacon and my partner ordered the Pap and Boerewors (mielemeal and South African sausage) with two eggs. I ordered a Café Latte and when it arrived it was given as a Latte should be given. The espresso was in a small container to be poured in separately.  While waiting for our breakfast to arrive, we listened to the sounds of the farm next door as it gently filtered through and enjoyed the sense of peace that surrounded us. Our meal arrived in good time and the food was delicious. My toast was from the homemade bread that they bake on the premises and on top of the bacon they had grilled cheese. The slices were nice and thin and the bacon was just right. My partner’s dish was a delight to see. The sausage was juicy and the tomato and onion sauce that covered the pap was rich and delicious

Our waitress was friendly and the experience there is one of absolute joy. One is warmly greeted as you arrive and again with smiles on your way out. The warmth and the friendliness of the staff find you taking a freshly baked loaf or the just make custard slices with you. I recommend this place for either breakfast and for lunch. To the Mothers out there, yes it is child friendly with a play area on the grass for you.


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